It’s time to reclaim your free time and eliminate home-ownership nightmares forever…

Your home provides a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for you and your family right now.

But, do you understand the life span of your house and all of the home maintenance needed to keep it in good, working condition?

How much time do you waste on home repairs?
How much time do you waste on home maintenance issues?

Do you have the skills, time and physical ability for all the necessary, ongoing home maintenance?

If not, your home can cause major stress, health issues, aggravation, and sleepless nights that suck the life right out of you…
and your bank account.

Well, say goodbye to these tedious, never-ending responsibilities for good!

As homeowners with families and decades of experience in construction, electricity, safety, and many other, home-repair services, we feel your pain.

We’ve heard from thousands of people just like you who needed help, got ripped off or just didn’t know what to do. That’s why we created Your Home Solution Experts.

Now, you can get all of the home repair and maintenance services you need from a reliable, single source quickly and easily…

How much energy are you losing through your windows and doors right now?
How much energy are you losing through your windows and doors right now?

We help you with…


• Check thermostat controls issues.
• Fix light controls, review solar options and additives (like Bluemax).
• Improve ventilation for better air circulation.
• Insulate for heating and cooling savings.
• Review cost-saving, LED light options.
• Seal air leaks to reduce energy bills.


• Check for harmful Radon levels.
• Clean dryer/bath vents for better air quality.
• Control unwanted insects/animals.
• Enhance air flow and clean dirty ductwork.
• Improve water quality.
• Offer preventative maintenance on all household appliances.
• Purify air and surface quality.
• Treat mold to help avoid health issues.


• Check door and window entry security.
• Evaluate fire safety.
• Improve overall home security.
• Review gun control and safety.
• Test fire alarms, heat and CO detectors.

Additional Supporting Services:
(Via maintenance agreements)

• Check/clean eavestroughs, leaf guards.
• Clean windows.
• Conduct home appliance annual cleaning and maintenance checks.
• Exercise electrical devices and breakers.
• Install and replace kitchen appliances.
• Replace smoke detectors, batteries and devices as needed.
• Review and run A/C annual startup.
• Run annual furnace startup and replace appropriate filters.

Home Improvement Assistance Referrals

• Check and replace windows and siding.
• Clean carpets.
• Fix concrete/asphalt drives, sidewalks, and/or patios.
• Remodel additions, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.
• Remove trees.
• Repair garage doors.
• Replace old, leaky roofs.
• Update landscaping.
And much more!

How does it work?
Sign up for a complete Home Evaluation where your personal consultant reviews all of your home needs in a little over an hour. Then, you receive a detailed plan to move forward. Your consultant will review the plan with you and provide annual updates, so all required maintenance is completed without wasting time or money.

All Work Is Guaranteed!
Your personal consultant is available to answer your questions, work through financing, find qualified contractors, and everything else you need to manage your home ownership responsibilities!

Ready to enjoy your free time again and get rid of all your home maintenance worries?