Home Maintenance Solutions

Tri-County Area, MI

Attention Tri-County Michigan Residents 

Make ALL Your Home Ownership Maintenance Responsibilities Disappear with One Phone Call!

Owning a home is the American dream. There is nothing quite like the feeling when you get the keys for the first time, open the door and start life in your new house. You are relaxed, happy and proud.

Then, things start to happen. The roof leaks…Your mail carrier slips and falls on your icy steps…Your toilet backs up and starts flooding the bathroom…The air conditioner stops on the hottest day of the year…Mold appears under your air ducts…Leaves clog your gutters…And wait. Are those termites?!

Unfortunately, this is a never-ending, growing list that you must deal with until you sell your house.

So, you waste away your weekend (and any free time that you have) fixing, scrubbing, washing, climbing, crouching, and more to complete all of the necessary tasks that come with home ownership.

Some maintenance issues just plummet lower on your “To Do” list because you have no idea how to handle them, physically can’t fix the problems, want to avoid huge invoices, and/or simply just don’t want to do the work.

Well, the nightmare is over.

With Home Solution Experts, you simply call your local consultant (you’re on a first-name basis!) for all of your home and lawn maintenance needs.

They ensure that whatever you need for your home is taken care of by experienced, vetted experts quickly and correctly the first time.

You just pay a monthly membership fee and choose the specific, home maintenance services you want that include energy, comfort, safety, health, improvements, general services, inventory management, and much more!

  • No stress.
  • No wasted energy.
  • No surprise bills.

You have a long-term plan to keep your home in excellent condition for its entire lifespan. Ahhhh.

What will you do with your extra free time?

(Services now available in Ingham County, Michigan with more locations coming soon!)

Finally! I’ve been waiting for a service like this for a long time. I can’t wait to get rid of my home maintenance nightmares and spend more time with my family.
Dr. Harold Roth

Okemos, MI

As a single woman, I was a little nervous about having a stranger come into my house to do repairs, but your background checks and process made me feel comfortable. Thank you for your professionalism.
Carol Telford

DeWitt, MI

My wife and I originally came upon Home Solutions Experts when we needed a contractor to do an extensive mold mitigation project for my mother in-law’s attic.  The project required several contractors to be scheduled in a tight succession, which Home Solutions Expert accommodated swiftly and professionally.  We have since used their services multiple times for other jobs and continue to be impressed with both the staff and the final outcome.

Mike and Carrie Frazer