Your Home Solution Appears on the Morning Blend Television Program

The Principals of Your Home Solution Experts, Bill Driscoll and Dave Mollitor, recently talked about the importance of getting a home inspection before it’s too late.

Read on to find out more how their interview went with host Deb Hart…

Deb: We’re so excited to have joining us today on The Blend, Bill and Dave from Your Home Solution Experts. What is it and why did you create it?

Dave: Thanks for having us on the show here today and uh and thanks for asking such a good question.

So, Bill and I have been in the service business for many years and one of the things that we’re always trying to process is how to best market ourselves.

The one thing that we want to be is with our clients and customers at the time they need us… not when it’s an emergency. So, Bill and I were creating this concept and talking about how to be with our customers.

Our wives overheard us talking about this concept and they validated that we were in the right place. After all, they had been taking care of our house all of these years and they mentioned the fear that they had of hiring contractors and having people come into the house they didn’t know. So, the initial validation for the business idea came from our wives.

With Your Home Solution Experts, we’re trying to help homeowners provide solutions as it relates to the comfort of their home, the energy efficiency and having a healthy home. Most of all, we want people to have a safe home, so Your Home Solution Experts is helping people with all of these problems.

Bill: I think what makes Your Home Solution Experts unique is that we do several things, not just one at a time. We look at what the home needs and then we couple that with what the family wants for their home. Then, we create a plan of what can be actually done with that and we do that with a very simple three-step program.

We have a multiple point-assessment of the entire home and a comprehensive questionnaire that puts the together what they want. Then, we create a plan for that over the course of time. Then, on top of that, the step three is when we implement a maintenance agreement program so that we can fix the problems before they become hey become emergencies.

As Dave was talking about, here’s a quick example. A couple I visited the other day ended up have a project that was several thousand dollars with rotted out wood, drywall and mold. This could have been fixed five or ten years ago if somebody would have just noticed that the caulking was bad.

Deb: About a year ago, we moved into a new home, and if I’d had you guys do some inspection ahead of time, you could have probably saved me a lot of problems like the washing machine that took out the ceiling in the kitchen… just stuff like. It’s like doing a maintenance inspection on a vehicle before you get ahead of the trouble instead of waiting until the trouble happens.

Your Home Solution Experts, Bill and Dave. Thank you so much! You’ve got to come back in and talk more about what you do because I’m so interested. I think it’s such a useful thing you offer! Thank you!

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