Established local business now offers complete, home maintenance services via a single source at

Lansing, Michigan, October 7, 2020 – After decades helping thousands of customers in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, and more with sustainable and innovative energy solutions, the veteran-owned, Greener Energy Company, announced today that they have updated services and a new name, Your Home Solution Experts,

As local residents and homeowners who grew up in Lansing, Michigan and worked with thousands of people in the community, the team at Greener Energy decided to upgrade their business and offer something new. They saw a growing need to provide a cost-effective, one-stop solution for all home maintenance and repair needs, especially with people trying to keep their families safe during the pandemic. Now, the Your Home Solution Experts stores will be available under Greener Investments, LLC.

“Whether you just want to spend more time with your family, avoid the hassles and hazards of ongoing home maintenance, or just don’t know how to complete repairs, now you can get the services you need done by local and vetted professionals from a single source,” states David Mollitor, Your Home Solution Experts Principal and Greener Investments, LLC CEO.

David Mollitor has partnered with long-time friend and business associate, Bill Driscoll, the vice president of TruWatch International and well-known fire safety expert, to create the new company.

“As we spend more time at home due to COVID-19, all of the repairs and maintenance necessary to keep it safe, secure, healthy, energy-efficient, and more can be overwhelming,” says Bill Driscoll, Your Home Solution Experts Principal. “By working together with Greener Investments, LLC, we can now offer a comprehensive list of services that covers small tasks to large projects. It’s a simple solution based on a unique and cost-effective membership plan.”

The services of Your Home Solution Experts are now available to all Lansing-area residents.

Customers simply call 800-487-6305 and sign up for a complete Home Evaluation and Plan with their personal consultant. From there, they review the detailed plan and decide on the required maintenance they want completed.

All work is guaranteed and done by local, vetted experts within a certain time period at a set cost.

The Complete Home Evaluation and Plan is $350.00 and includes services immediately. Then, there is a membership fee between $19.95 and $39.95 per month (depending on the chosen services) with a one-year contract.

“Our team is looking forward to providing more services to our customers with the upgraded business,” states Steven Fitch, Your Home Solution Experts Manager and Greener Investments, LLC President. “In fact, we have completed and received several certifications from nationally-accredited schools for home inspections, Radon and mold detection and more to better service our clients.”

To get more information and learn about the full list of services, call
800-487-6305 or visit

About Your Home Solution Experts
Your Home Solution Experts is the first service to offer a simple way to take care of all of your home maintenance issues with one phone call, starting in Lansing, Michigan. All team members are vetted, experienced and licensed professionals who ensure you have a safe, comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient home… guaranteed. Contact us directly today at 800-487-6305 and get your FREE Home Maintenance Checklist at


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