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Steven Fitch explains the importance of a home maintenance checklist via Morning Blend TV

Do you need a full, home maintenance checklist? While we do a complete home inspection where we check for mold, fire hazards, and other issues, we also review various areas of improvement that can help you save time and money.

Many people fear these inspections because they don’t keep up on their maintenance, and the maintenance list can be kind of daunting.

Also, most people only think of a home inspection when they are buying or selling a home, and they focus on the cosmetic things like cutting the lawn, shoveling the sidewalk, and more. They don’t think of things like they need to change the filter in the furnace and the other things they need to be doing as well.

How about testing your smoke and fire alarms?
How about changing those batteries?
How about lighting around the perimeter of your house so that it is safer in the winter?

Or, what about that little water run-off that goes across the sidewalk and always seems to be icy at this time of year?

You throw salt on it, but what if you forget one day and someone slips and falls and hurts themselves?

Maybe you just need some simple attic ventilation to keep your house warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter?

There are so many things involved with owning a home. That’s why we offer a complete Home Maintenance Checklist absolutely free!

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Within minutes, you’ll receive your Home Maintenance Checklist and find out all of the different things that you should be doing.

How do you remember all of these things without a list?

Once you get your free list, you can post it on your fridge and start checking things off. It makes home ownership so much easier!

And if there are things on the list you don’t want to do, simply can’t, we’re here to help. We have licensed contractors who will come to your home and take care of the things on your home maintenance list. Plus, if you’d like to sign up for regular services afterwards so you don’t need to think about it, we also provide that service.

Our home is one of our biggest investments, but we don’t always maintain it like we should. The standard is to place 3 to 4% of the value of your home into your house every year, but we tend to forget to do that.

Get your Home Maintenance Checklist today. You can create a safer, healthier environment for your family and save time, money and future hassles too!